6. Start The Conversation With Your Matches

6. Start The Conversation With Your Matches

Before we move forward know that, initially you will be asked up to 15 questions and it is not at all mandatory to answer them all.

5. Start Matching by Sending Likes

In OkCupid, you will come across a whole lot of profiles. And these profiles are provided as per your answers and your profile bio. Therefore, it is always better to answer more and more number of questions so that, OkCupid can narrow down your profile matches before showing them to you.

OkCupid will show you individual profiles of your most relevant matches. On your phone, tap anywhere on the profile page of anyone you like and it will take you to the specific profile.

On the web, however, you need to click on “View Profile” and then dig into another member’s profile and look for things that you both have in common.

Swipe Left: By swiping left on a profile, you’ll pass on the person. It simply means that you’re not interested in the person.

Swipe Right: By swiping right right on profile, you’ll send a like to the person. Then that person will get a notification that someone liked them.

OkCupid works like a quid pro quo system. Even if you like someone, you cannot start a chat until and unless your preferred match also likes you.

So, either you swipe in either direction or even send a direct message, the end result will depend on what the other person thinks about you.

Scroll up and down the profile list before sending a direct message. I like this method better because it gives you a chance to tell what you like about the other person which increases the chances of a mere acquaintance into a romantic conversation. (A life hack that I discovered only recently).

You can send a witty or any sort of message judging the other person’s nature through the profile bio, photos, and answers (which are visible in the premium version).

For instance, if you notice a girl’s picture at a music concert or at a comedy show, you can start the conversation with a joke or by asking about her song preferences.

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